PPTF PUM Web-Fed Offset Press Upgrading Program

Prosperity in the Print Business in these challenging times
/Article Photos/web-press.jpgThe Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF) is offering an effective, practical and affordable technical upgrading seminar on Web-Fed Offset Press Technology. The seminar is specially designed to expedite staff training and achieve results that translate into greater profitability. It is a complete resource that contains everything needed, from handouts to a CD, in order to deliver technical content, teach standard operating procedures, and measure trainee learning and performance. This winning combination of features is a proven formula for:
  • Refining problem-solving skills
  • Improving productivity
  • Ensuring consistent practices
The course, which starts on August 30, 2017, is designed with the special demands of today’s busy pressroom in mind. The Web Offset Press Training Program is even more visual, interactive, and production-oriented than ever before. It combines the best of instructional design with the latest in technical information.
The topics cover a wide range of disciplines critical to success --- Operations and Technology.

The PUM Netherlands Senior Experts and PPTF Partnership

PUM and PPTF have agreed to become partners in implementing a project in the development of the Training Regulations (TR) of the various critical technical skilled areas intended for the printing industry. The Training Regulations will serve as basis for the:
  • Competency assessment and certification;
  • Registration and delivery of training programs; and
  • Development of curriculum and assessment instrument.
In other words, the TR will serve as guidelines for all printing schools or any learning institutions intended for the development and training of manpower skills for the printing industry under the supervision of the Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA). The TR will serve as the foundation in regulating the appropriate course curriculum for all printing schools and training centers. It will also serve as the basis wherein the level of competencies is being certified for all production workers in printing by undergoing Trade Skills Standardization Testing conducted by a certified Trade Testing Officer and will be issued certification by TESDA attesting the level of their competency.

A tribute to Tomas Viray (1925 - 2017)

PPTF Past President Tomas Viray was reunited with his Creator on June 23, 2017.
/Article Photos/Tomas J. Viray 1994-96.jpgThe guy who coined the slogan “The more you share, the more you prosper” and whose life story I wrote about in the book “The Power of Sharing” is dead.  I recall that on page iv of said book, Tomas Viray said and I quote:   “In parting, I wish to look at my life story less as a narration of success and more as a simple story of gratitude, faith, and most of all, giving.  What God has given me, I give back to Him and my fellowmen.  I have said this before and it gives me pleasure to say this again, “The more you share, the more you prosper.”
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